Friday, 24 February 2012

#VolcanoPorn - The Rise of Atlantis

Naked Together - Adonis and Aphrodite

On 24th January a mass ejection from a coronal hole pressed into the earth
The next day, 26th January, more tubes rhythmically responded after watching the writhing forms on show
If you look closely you can see 69
Image: Hinrich Baesemann; @SpaceWeather
But whilst everyone was looking at pictures, I was looking for proof that the Kraken was swimming down into the planet and found it in a Magnitude 5.3 tectonic earthquake 50 km SW of Thera
A [piss] Artists impression of the Kraken Gold Conundrum
Possible escape route used by Kraken
Image: USGS
Cheered on by the sight of  striking peasants on the streets of Middle Earth, the money lenders threaten to steal all the gold, leaving us with no tithe. Maybe the money lenders feel, if they give the Kraken a substandard diet he will bring forth Marbles to nourish our understanding. We cannot rule out that they are trying to steal earth crystals because if we're honest, there isn't much they wouldn't steal or are planning to steal. But in their short sighted search for a quick buck they have forgot thier history. For aeons we have been feeding the Kraken his golden tithe and for good reason - our ancestors were not completely stupid.

When the Kraken is fed a diet rich in gold he releases [according to legend] thy Golden Shower upon the serfs and slaves. Lo, when the people fail their volcano gods marbles are not squeezed out, a clear sign of blockage in the plumbing. This can lead to a slow [in volcano porn terms] but explosive build up of pressure. The explosive effects are shown here by the lovely lady Santorini, who styled her former home in Atlantis chic and then decided to go for the pumice look
Atlantis: Did someone light a match?
This image of Santorini sent us in a spin
Ongoing quakes, tectonic or magmatic, under the Lady highlight the Kraken's attempts to break free of his Mediterranean stranglehold and these idiot bankers want to threaten the whole of existence just to make a few million?

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