Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Release Santa: The Miracle of Rebirth

What Santa will look like if we do not release the Panda
Evil knows no bounds. How else do you explain this article:
Santa Claus will need a lot more than milk and cookies this Christmas—he’ll need about $1.2 million to pay for insurance coverage. That will buy him peace of mind and about $1.175 billion in coverage for all of the exposures his workshop faces in the making and delivery of toys to children around the world, according to a new risk and insurance “white” paper by global risk management and insurance brokerage firm Lockton that was made available to Insurance Journal.
Only in the world of insurance and risk management would you seek to make money from evil bastards like Santa. Have they no standards? I must release the Panda inside the northern one, it is the only way to stop this madness in the world:
As much as they'd like to get the real Santa Claus to endorse their overpriced wares, after hundreds of years of watching them hijack what was once the religious Yule fest to turn it into just another chance to sell low-quality garbage, Santa has long since had enough and would likely only deliver them a big fat lump of coal. The merchant therefore turns to the evil Satan Claus to appear in their advertisements; the price may be their souls and their first-born, but compared to the vicious mobs of angry stockholders, Satan Claus somehow looks like the lesser of two evils and the merchants sell out to him gladly. [Satan Claus]
He is the lesser of two evils, but only by virtue of the Panda inside.

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