Monday, 17 December 2012

Kraken down on Deniers

I warned but no you didn't listen.

Harnessing the supercomputing power of UT’s Kraken and Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Jaguar (now Titan, the fastest in the world), the researchers combined high-resolution topography, land use information and climate modeling. Then they used dynamical downscaling to develop their climate model results.* Gatekeeping [Kraken] Denier source.
Only a fool would fail to recognise the Kraken causes climate chaos. His appearances also strongly correlate with the prophecies of the Great Orifice who warned Mann of terrible gases.

In light of these shocking revelations of our imminent doom I feel it is only right and proper that Texans** start collecting for the tithe and strapping conspiracy nut Kraken deniers to the rocks.

* any model - even if it is called Kraken - cannot solve anything unless it iinvolves the effect of the Kraken although if a six percent adminstration fee can be arranged I may consider future funding requests.
** I think I'm supposed to blame naughty black gold worshippers and anyone not using Pegusus Airways

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