Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hixian Days Revisited

To survive we are taking out all the Fire and Brimstone and replacing it with Love and Peace.
There are only 7 Days to go.

Love is the Only Miracle there is.

Remember Children of Violence (it's Just a Ride) we can step off any time we want to.

On this day Steven Biko would have been 66 had he not been brutally murdered for wanting freedom.

The 18th of December is a Day of Infamy:

218 BC – Second Punic WarBattle of the Trebia – Hannibal's Carthaginian forces defeat those of the Roman Republic.
1912 – The Piltdown Man, later discovered to be a hoax, is found in the Piltdown Gravel Pit, by Charles Dawson.
1918 – The United States House of Representatives approves the Eighteenth Amendment to enact Prohibition.
1972 – Vietnam WarPresident Richard Nixon announces that the United States will engage North Vietnam in Operation Linebacker II, a series of Christmasbombings, after peace talks collapsed with North Vietnam on the 13th.
1989 – The European Community and the Soviet Union sign an agreement on trade and commercial and economic cooperation.
2010 – Governmental protests begin in Tunisia, beginning the 2010-2011 Middle East and North Africa protests

18th Dec Births:

1778 – Joseph Grimaldi, English clown (d. 1837)
1863 – Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (d. 1914)
1878 – Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union (d. 1953)
1946 – Steve Biko, South African anti-apartheid activist (d. 1977)


1476 – Vlad III the Impaler (b. 1431)

But there is always hope. There is still time.

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