Sunday, 10 June 2012

FutureHistory: Profit FreD*

This map shows where the collaborative Gauls may have hidden the Cyclops Gold.

The FutureHistory of FreD*,

The name was changed after a focus group, made up of several drunken Euro partners, decided that the eC mixed with stars reminded them to much of illegal Silesian bears seen crossing the border on their way to occupied Rome although this may have been Barbarians Bavarians not wanting to water down their wine.

I have been sent part of a highly classified email between two senior members of the eC, revealing shocking details to replace the Euro and Sterling, in the hopes they can come up with a frequency currency that can be used to buy Gold.

Except for light but vocal resistance in the North West corner,
the expansion of the Fourth Reich was halted by the Siberian Winter
does not score highly but has 12 members. We cannot reconsider the capitalised version of this or the current Bastards will protest again but will happily abstain if we keep it small.  
C scores reasonably well but is not widely supported. Visually it is far too open a letter and looks like a C... 
With the rapid increase in stars and new ones being added almost every day, we propose the removal of the stars. The one star is conducive with our aim of oneness, however it has an uncanny resemblance to certain religions and communism. It will be difficult removing stars from our name, so we must propose instead a new system based upon the old system. We will call it little asterix.*  
We conclude that the eC no longer serves its purpose and be removed. We propose FreD which is much better than DerF both linguistically (all pronunciations accepted although interpretations can and will be used against you) and visually. FreD is a very good European name, we just won't tell the Bastards. 
ABBA formed the central pillar of domination by the Swedish Mafia
The Franks and the Gauls hatched a Vitally Confidential plot to resurrect the Holistic Roman Empire. The Silver Nero nearly had a heart attack from his debauchery so was sent packing when the Tithe became overdue. 

* We did not have sex with that woman. Oh sorry wrong interview. We declare at this time we have no shares or personal interest in this film or any future film, however should this change and we are willing to negotiate should our shares every actually be discovered, which we don't have of course. 
** formerly known as fEDReC** short for French Federal republica Deutschland 
*** formerly known as the French, English and Deutschland Uber Republica Alles (with Bavaria abstaining until their demands to shoot bears was reinstated into the European Convention of Human Rights) 

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