Friday, 17 September 2010

ASBO in the Skies

Earlier this year I saw how wonderful it was to not have vicious thugs vandalising our skies. Now as these pictures prove, we should be taking firm action against the ring leaders serve ASBO’s A Plane Case of Assaulton Stelios and Branson before these yobs take over the skies. These sadistic aerial thugs give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘broken cloud’.
The picture (right) clearly shows a heartless airborne thug  assaulting a defenceless cloud by viciously slashing right through it. An appalled passerby said ‘I was listening to a nightingale sing when I hear this appalling sound  and I thought I heard a scream. When I looked up I saw the cloud being assaulted and took the picture. It was horrible there were bits of clouds, scarlet in the setting sun, everywhere. The cloud must have been in agony.
They come around the same time every evening  and terrorise the neighbourhood. It was only a matter of time before a cloud got hurt.’
Residents have said these assaults are not isolated as gangs of airplanes harass the neighbourhood and brutally slash clouds as they pass by. The cloud had earlier been slashed and was just recovering when the assault happened.
A spokesman for the Alliance Against Aviation Assault said ‘we are getting more and more complaints of this kind. Because the government refuse to act and are in the pockets of airline moguls. There's nothing we can do to stop clouds being menaced by this areal menace.’Two Airplane Rampage Through the Clouds

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