Friday, 21 December 2007

Who cares?

Well no one really. The evil, nasty muslim three that are due back in the UK must be executed before they have a chance to do anything dastardly. The fact that after how many years the US have no proof and could change them with nothing is obviously irrelevant! What faith we have in the institutions that when due process fails we have a media smear campaign to rely upon. (do the Guilford 4, Birmingham 6 come to mind?????)

On the plus side to be Muslim is no different than being Irish a couple of decades ago where every Paddy was looked upon as a potential sympathiser/bomber. Which means integration isn't that far off. What a wonderful country we live in that we put new citizens through just to prove themselves. The question is would the locals pass the same tests we ask of others?

Me? I think I'll take a market opportunity and order some Swastikas for the locals to hang on their walls.

Now if every Brit abroad had to prove they were not an Imperial sympathiser......

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