Sunday, 13 April 2014

#Intermission Rebirth

These are dark.* 
We must question the very assumptions upon which our fragile world is based upon on the day the scales fall from our eyes and we see the illusions for what they are we shall know DOOM is impending. It was always thus.

GingerZilla has spent these past months in deep contemplation and has been issuing forth his draft missives. Unfortunately due to being inside a beer can for six months much is blurry and must be 'adjusted' for human consumption. During this time the Sun[god] briefly awoke and then went 'Meh'. All the GingerZilla can say is 'it's worse than we thought' but difficult times bring opportunity, as the Marabou Storks know well.

Now listen to the music whilst he gets his shit together. A bloody moon double monday approaches and he grows weary (or he may just faint in a passion).

* I cannot oppose such viewing crimes as how else am I going to make one direction a crime punishable by chopping off the hands responsible and flushing them away to feed the fishies

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