Thursday, 24 May 2012

No Gold Shocker for Kraken

In this very building, deep in the underground vaults, sits billions of dollars of gold**, held by the Federal Reserve for foreign governments. The Federal Reserve gives regular tours of these vaults, even to school children. Yet, America’s gold is off limits to seemingly everyone and has never been properly audited. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? If nothing else, does anyone at the Fed know the quality and fineness of the gold at Fort Knox? Bob to the Feds: "Leave the Building to the Four-Legged Rats" 

I ask if this is a tacit admission that the federal reserve should be given over to communists rats? We all know the Kraken has been promised this long overdue offering of gold,* If all contracts are to be off then this could get very, very ugly.

* less a six per cent administrative fee for all Kraken based consultations.

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