Friday, 27 March 2009

Who Said Rock Stars Are Dumb?

Even though rock stars are usually the full hamper short of a picnic, they at least had the wherewithal to be cool and anti-establishment, rather than swearing lots and saluting. The 60's and 70's gave us a wealth of anti war songs. Kid Rock is showing he is not a sheep by blindly following anti-war propaganda and instead is showing his puppy like obedience and obsequiousness to the state.

Freedom doesn't involve breathing or bleeding red, white and blue (the colours of a few other flags too), it also doesn't involve blowing the shit out of most of the planet so you can drive a big fat Hummer!

Head's up to Rabbi Brant Rosen's website, Shalom Rav, for pointing this out and rightly describing it as

"abject don’t know the meaning of insult until you’re repeatedly subjected to foreign policy according to Kid Rock"

In Britain we have a much more apt phrase - Wanker!

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