Friday, 29 March 2013

Germany Invades (Again)**

FreD A portent of Fiscal Aggression Deutschland Style
Look I keep fucking telling you people,
Well it seems my words have prompted the Germans into action and the ugliness is about to begin = more ugly in fact than the 'amporphous blob of animal fat' Gerard Depardieu.
although if I'm being honest I'm only rehashing words scribed when the Berlin wall last fell. Behold;
You build it up in a world that's too small but what do you gain? You build it up now you tear the walls but the barriers remain.
Which were a rehash of a much older lesson from #FutureHistory As Bob once said to me; What's yours is mine, what was yours is mine, what will be yours is mine.* The Age of Manuel the Mick has begun. Keep checking the small print.

 * apparently infection is no barrier to mingling unless you happen to be a chicken.
 ** in the spirit of the virtual world Deutchland Uber Ales has recognised invading physical borders is pointless when you can create a new form of taxation. Invasion of bank accounts is a non refundable glitch.
My ideas are gaining traction with the Guardian asking Is Germany too powerful for Europe?;
The new German power in Europe is not based as in former times on force," writes [Ulrich] Beck in German Europe. Which is a consolation. "It has no need of weapons to impose its will on other states," he says. "It has no need to invade, and yet is ubiquitous."
and many a word of truth is said in jest;
"If Ireland and Greece sank into the sea tomorrow, Germany would be quietly relieved," says Simon Winder, publishing director at Penguin and author of Germania: A Personal History of Germans Ancient and Modern. "Germany today reminds me of the British Empire, burdened with non-lucrative colonies that it has to defend when all it's really bothered about is India. The problem for Germany is that it has no India just, as it were, lots of Sierra Leones."
but there is nothing to worry our pretty little heads about;
There is no smoke-filled room filled with sausage-eating Germans who want to dominate Europe. There is no conspiracy."
As avid readers of this blog will know there is always a conspiracy and there are always rooms of Germans eating smoked sausages - most likely Bavarians on a Bear Hunt.

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